Richard Abel’s Stand on Issues

Key Priorities

  • Jobs and the Economy

Good jobs with benefits, access to job training programs, a living wage and reasonable worker protections benefit everyone.  Our economy prospers when the middle class has the money necessary to stimulate demand for New Hampshire products and services, and businesses have adequate public infrastructure.

  • Essential Services

Work for sustainable revenue so the state budget can promote self-reliance and ensure that basic needs are met.  Ensure regulations meet the intent of the law, improve responsiveness to citizens, reduce duplication of services, and invest in prevention.

  • Quality Public Education and Access to Healthcare

               Secure the future of our families and economy by funding quality public education at all levels,  and universal affordable & accessible health care including reproductive health.

  • Our Environment

               Increase public & private energy efficiency, protect our natural resources, upgrade Infrastructure standards to survive extreme weather events, and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources.


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