1. Welcome
  2. Q and A with Ray
  3. Reports
  4. Treasurer – George Sykes
  5. Fund raising for Grafton County Democrats
  6. Actions in Grafton Co toward the 2018 election
  7. Regional  Committees
  8. Northern Grafton Co Democrats – Susan Moore
  9. Plymouth Area Democrats – Joyce Weston

iii.    Upper Valley Democrats – George Sykes

  1. Mascoma Area Democrats – Chuck Townsend
  2. Independent Grafton Groups
  3. Action Together
  4. Gathering for Unity

iii.    Swing Left (support from MA)

  1. Special Election – Grafton #9, Josh Adjutant
  2. Discussion on 2017 – town caucuses and how they went – are there towns within our geographic borders that need support?

Crossing boundaries

  1. New business
  2. Haverhill Fair July 26-30, 2017
  3. 2018 Candidates – anyone interested in learning more about the legislative process is invited to a session.  See Sue Ford after this meeting or email


Many of the Grafton Co Democrats have been dividing into interest groups.  If you are interested in learning what another regional group is doing we will have short gatherings at the conclusion of the formal meeting so that people can find out what’s going on and perhaps even share an email address or two.


Economy, Jobs, Housing
Environment, Climate, Energy
Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Immigration
Communication, Fake News

Upcoming Events: Add these dates to your calendar

May 13th – Canaan Town Event (Mascoma Democratic booth)
May 22nd – Upper Valley Civics Workshop – 6:00pm UV Senior Center
July 1st – Franconia Old Home Day (Democratic booth)
July 4th – Parades in many Grafton communities
July 26-30th – No Haverhill Fair (Democratic booth)
August 5 – Orford Flea Market (Democratic Booth)

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