Tuesday, November 14 Voucher Bill , SB 193 Vote

Voucher bill, SB 193, part of a larger attack on public schools – Opinion, Portsmouth Herald.

The Seacoast Media Group papers published an oped by Bill Duncan today about the emerging commitment of state government to the school choice movement at the expense of our neighborhood schools.

Excerpt: The vision emerging at the Department of Education and in the Legislature is a bigger change than it might appear at first.  The basic proposition is that we should replace our system of neighborhood schools with a marketplace of private choice in which each family makes its own decisions about its own children, funded by state and local tax revenue. Read the full article

Want to go to the House Education Committee meeting tomorrow?

Tuesday, November 14, 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Exec: SB 193, LOB 206-208 – Universal Vouchers
LOB 206-208 (map)


NEXT Monday, November 20, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Monday before Thanksgiving)
November UVDems Program: Civics 104 (click on link for more info)
Upper Valley Senior Center of Lebanon, 10 Campbell St,
Lebanon  + Google Map

Session 4 – Where Do We Go From Here? Building the Bench at the Local Level

Civics 104 will focus on local elections in our communities, and where we can build the bench. Join us for our final Civics workshop.

If you can bring a potluck, click here to tell us what you are bringing.
If you are not into potluck, just come for 6.30. 


You can contact these Action Group Chairs directly if you wish to be involved.
Affordable Housing: Devin Wilkie (devin.wilkie@gmail.com)
Education:Margaret Campbell (macatmf@aol.com)
Environment: Lynn Garfield (lynngarfield17@gmail.com)
Networking: Sean Garnsey (seanagarnsey@gmail.com)

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