Talking points: SB3:

Talking points: SB3
We have less than 1% voter fraud yet Republicans continue to harangue us about this every 2 years, particularly when they win!

  • This is an unfunded mandate and therefore can’t be passed, correct?
  • If not, and we must send 2 people out to find homeless, people with PO Boxes and couch surfing newly employed new graduates, it sounds like we can call the S of State’s office to do it! Is this how we want them to spend their time?
  • I’m worried about the literacy test in the new form. I think that’s unconstitutional.
  • College students are here more months in the year than many “snow birds” and more years than many employees hired.
  • Due to a housing shortage in the UV, we have many homeless and couch surfing people who by definition are transient. They still have a right to vote.
  • The right to vote in and of itself is more important than my vote being “negated” by the few examples of true fraud.
  • This bill is simply to suppress the vote; THE primary right in the argument.

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