Martha Hennessey

Hennessey.M.headshotMartha grew up in Hanover and returned with her husband and three children in 2001. She attended Vassar College and graduated from Dartmouth College, a member of the first fully-coeducational class, and went on to earn an MBA and PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Martha has had a variety of positions in all levels of education and mental health care. She is also a small business owner, and a member of the NH House of Representatives. She and her husband, Steve Severson, have been married for 40 years; they have three grown children and four granddaughters.

 While she has served Hanover and Lyme in the New Hampshire House, Martha was a dedicated  and passionate member of the Children and Family Law Committee, fighting to protect children’s and families’ rights. 

 Martha’s priorities as a member of the NH Senate will include:

  • Affordable educational opportunities from preschool through college

  • Continued work on addressing the opioid crisis in our state

  • Funding for Planned Parenthood

  • Support for violence prevention programs

  • Extending Medicare, with a more permanent solution

  • Protecting healthcare and reproductive rights for women

  • Equal rights for all NH citizens 
  • Livable wages for our citizens

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Paid sick leave 

  • Expanding broadband internet service throughout the state

  • Protecting our environment and promoting sustainable communities

  • Continued development of public transportation, including bus and rail

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