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Below are some visualization tools for Grafton County.

The towns of the Upper Valley Democrats


The Executive Council

The Executive Council of the State of New Hampshire has the authority and responsibility, together with the Governor, over the administration of the affairs of the State.  Each of the five Executive Councilors represents one fifth of the population or approximately 263,000 citizens. Some of  the Executive Council’s responsibilities are:

  • Approval of both receipt and expenditures of state and federal funds, budgetary transfers within the department and all personal service contracts with a value of $10,000 and all contracts with a value of $25,000.
  • The Executive Council approves the appointments of Judges, Commissioners, Notary Public, Justice of Peace, Commissioners of Deeds and hears Pardon Requests.
  • The Executive Council plays a vital role in improving the state’s infrastructure, especially roads and bridges, via management and oversight of the state’s 10 year Highway Plan.


The 4 zones of Grafton County


State House of Representatives District Map

State House of Representatives District Voting Map 2016

State Senate District Map

Grafton County 2016 Election Results

Upper Valley 2016 Election Results