Candidates For NH Offices

This is the list of candidates running for election in the NH Upper Valley.

Click on the name for more information. Candidates running for a new office have an  *  beside their name.

GOVERNOR: Colin VanOstern*


Grafton County Commissioner: Wendy Piper*, District 1 (Enfield, Hanover, Lyme)

Grafton County Commissioner: Bill Bolton, District 3 (Canaan, Dorchester, Orange)

NH State Senate: Charlie Chandler,  District 2 (Dorchester, Grafton, Orange)

NH State Senate: Martha Hennessey*, District 5 (Canaan, Enfield, Hanover, Lyme)

NH House District Grafton 3: Susan Ford (Orford, Piermont) 

NH House District Grafton 6: Kevin Maes (Orange)

NH House District Grafton 9: Joshua AdjutantJudy Wallick Frothingham* (Grafton)

NH House District Grafton 10: Roger Dontonville*, (Enfield)

NH House District Grafton 11: Tim Josephson*, (Canaan, Dorchester)

NH House District Grafton 12:  Polly Kent Campion*, Patricia C HigginsMary Jane Mulligan*, Sharon Nordgren (Hanover, Lyme)

NH House District Grafton 13: Richard AbelSusan W AlmyGeorge E SykesAndrew A White (Lebanon)
NH House District Grafton 16: Carol Friedrich* (Canaan, Dorchester, Orange)
NH House District Grafton 17: Catherine Mulholland* (Enfield, Grafton)
NH House District Sullivan 9:  Virginia IrwinLee OxenhamAndrew Schmidt, (Cornish, Grantham, Plainfield)



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