• New Hampshire native
  • Upper Valley resident for 12 years
  • Dartmouth College faculty since 2004
  • Mother of Mascoma middleschooler
  • Two-term NH legislator

Legislative Priorities

Support for public education

Support for small businesses • Protection for NH families

Proven Leadership

Prime sponsor of HB645, “Willa’s Law”: bipartisan bill co-sponsored by veteran lawmakers in both chambers; signed into law, May 2016

Co-founder and Co-chair of Democratic Economic and Business Caucus: worked with the NH business community to spur long-term, sustainable growth.

Public Works and Highways Committee: as a freshman legislator I was chosen by PW&H Chair to represent the House position on a prestigious Committee of Conference, tasked with finding funding for NH rest areas.


NH is known for its local, ground-up government. Residents and elected officials come together to voice concerns and solve problems. At the county level, government provides services for our most vulnerable citizens, using taxpayer dollars wisely.

If elected, I promise to:

  • Put problem-solving over partisanship;
  • Carefully manage funds to deliver services for those who need them, in the most cost efficient way;
  • Listen carefully to the needs expressed by citizens, agencies, and department heads in order to make sound decisions and wise investments for our facilities and our people.

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