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Here are some talking points. If you need help, contact Sarah Guggenheimer, whose contact info is listed at the end of this list. 

Democratic Action on Opioids 

  • Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan secured $6b in additional funding to combat the opioid crisis 
  • They’ve been fighting so hard to give New Hampshire additional resources because they understand how dire this issue is 
  • NH has the third-highest overdose death rate in the country 
  • Trump has failed to deliver on his campaign promises to combat the crisis: he proposed cutting the ONDCP budget by 95%, let a 24 yr old get promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff at the ONDCP, only delivered $57,000 in add’l funds with his Public Health Emergency Declaration, and failed to alter the Opioid State Targeted Response Grants which disperse funds by a state’s population, not need 
  • Despite his inaction, Sununu said Trump was “working very hard” on the issue 
  • Sununu himself failed to fully fund the alcohol fund and has wavered on reauthorizing the Medicaid Expansion 
  • Sen. Shaheen hit back last night, saying the gov “should stop making excuses for the Trump administration ignoring the opioid crisis and hold it accountable” 
  • Shaheen and Hassan have both pushed for $25b in add’l funding for the opioid crisis 
  • They join Senate Dems who have introduced two bills regarding the crisis: the RESCUE Act which would use 10% of the $100m Rainy Day Fund for the crisis, and another which would constitutionally require the governor to fully fund the alcohol fund at 5% 
  • While Trump and Sununu are launching partisan attacks, our state and federal dems are doing the real work to combat this epidemic 


  • In 2017, for the first time since the Recession NH lost jobs  
  • We were one of only two states in the entire country to lose jobs last year, as the rest of the country reaped the benefits of Obama’s economic policies 
  • This job loss can most likely be traced to Sununu’s budget that gave $100m in tax cuts for the wealthiest 3% of corporations instead of investing in job training or workforce development 
  • Governors Hassan and Lynch helped catapult New Hampshire to the top of economic rankings, making us the best state of the union 
  • In just one year Sununu has undone that work with his foolhardy commitment towards appeasing his wealthy corporate donors at all costs 

Sarah Guggenheimer
Communications Associate
New Hampshire Democrats
(203) 940-1979