Action Plan For The Week

There is still important work we can do by email now or by phone come Monday.

If you agree with the three out of five Americans who believe that the government has a responsibility to ensure that everyone has insurance coverage for health care, contact Rep. Annie Kuster, and request that she join the 112 (out of 193) Democratic representatives who have come out in favor of single-payor universal healthcare

Phone Representative Kuster: (202) 225-5206


Ask Governor Sununu to oppose the creation of a national database including voter information from our state’s residents. During my time in the New Hampshire House, I worked to protect residents’ privacy and opposed institution of the RealID system on driver licenses. While voter names and addresses are publicly available information, the State should use no resources in facilitating their availability to the Federal Advisory Commission. If we supply data to this group it should go through the established process that other entities use in purchase of those data. The State should capture all the funds normally collected for the sale of the information.

Phone Governor Sununu: (603) 271-2121


Most of us have only a single Internet service provider available, and we pay too much to the monopoly company for the services it provides. Loss of net neutrality would make our experience worse, giving Comcast control over our access to favorite websites. We need to protect free speech and the current net neutrality rules, not the proposed FCC rules which favor corporations over consumers and users. Oppose any changes to the rules.

Phone the FCC: (888) 225-5322
email Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman:
email Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner:
email Michael O’Rielly, Commissioner: Mike.O’
Chuck Townsend
Mascoma Forward